The Bellinzona Cube Pattern

Machine Embroidery Design on Purse

The Bellinzona Cube Pattern and Embroidery Designs come with many options.

Sew the applique with the Asian Dragon (above)

or  with the Celestial Starburst (below)

The stitching for the faux chenille is in the embroidery design. Not interested in faux chenille?  Choose the version where you created embroidered brocade fabric on your embroidery machine.


Perfect for an exotic evening out or a trip to the grocery store, the  Bellinzona Cube Purse will add whimsy and practicality to any wardrobe. 

The Bellinzona Cube  was created by the Pixeladies*; Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki, two of the most creative beings I’ve run across. Their primary business is digital creations and printing on fabric. When the Pixeladies print on fabric, the printing doesn’t fade as they use true dyes as opposed to printer ink.

Because we've put the pattern on CD for you to print out, we can write incredibly detailed directions with lots of photographs of the steps!


Package includes CD with detailed photo illustrated directions plus pattern tissue.

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Machine Embroidered Purse

Tecla Shaffer made this version of the Bellinzona Cube.

You have multiple options with this purse/embroidery collection.  In addition to two versions of the purse, chenille or non chenille you also have your choice of two appliques.

Each set:

As with all of our designs- there's a version with and without crystals.

Crystal designs use a size 10ss crystal.

See our crystal pages for crystal purchasing information

You have 4 choices for the Cube designs and pattern

Bellinzona Cube pattern with Embroidery Designs on CD


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Original Bellinzona Cube Pattern by the Pixeladies


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