Foiling Products

If you want to add a little glitz to your embellished art you can use foiling.

I loved the idea of the foiling but had a problem with the first foil sheets I purshased. They were so thin they were hard to handle. Then I found these sheets by Bo Nash. They're substantial enough for easy handling but light enough to use for foiling.

We sell them in packs with 30 sheets of a single color (gold, silver or copper) or the multi-packs which include one each of the sheets shown above.

There are several ways to attach the foil.

My favorite is to sprinkle a little Bo Nash powder on your fabric. Then lay a foil piece on top of the fabric, cover with a non-stick press sheet and press. When you lift the press sheet and the foil sheet up, tiny little dots of foiling will be attached to your fabric, like fairy dust.

I love the results of 'fairy dust' application. I immediately stocked up on all of the supplies you need so you can produce fairy dust, too.

Giant Non Stick Ironing & Craft Sheet

We picked this up as a product to use with the Bo Nash powder but it's a wonderful non stick pressing cloth for a variety of projects. 12" by 18". The sheet is woven (though tightly woven) so steam from you iron can get through.

Bo Nash Powder


Assorted Foil Pack
Contains 105 Assorted Foil Sheets

Contains 105 assorted 4"x 4" foil sheets.
15 Silver, 15 Gold, 15 Copper, 15 Red, 15 Blue, 15 Turquoise and 15 Green
Instructions Enclosed

Assorted foils


4" by 4" Gold, Silver or Copper Foil Sheets (30 sheets in a pack)

4" by 4" Multi-colored Foil Sheets (15 sheets in a pack)

Bo Nash Products

Assorted Foil Pack Price $29.99 Discontinued
Non Stick Press ClothPrice $12.99


Bo Nash Powder Price $9.99


Multi Foil Pack Price $12.99


Gold Foil Pack Price $12.99


Silver Foil Pack Price $12.99


Price $12.99 Copper Foil Pack


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