Bullard Designs Wholesale Application

Thank you for inquiring about a wholesale account with Bullard Designs.

We offer wholesale pricing for those that resell our products in a retail environment or use our products in manufacturing their products for resale. For example, we have a wholesale customer who buys our Swarovski crystals to put on wedding dresses and ballroom gowns. Another customer uses our Swarovski zippers in the western clothing they manufacture. Dealers love using our embroidery designs and clear rubber stamps for use in their in-store classes.

Our packaging of embroidery designs is attractive to promote sales in your store. The packaging also includes barcodes. Our stamps are also appropriately packaged for retail sales.

There are some products that we are unable to sell wholesale. Sewing patterns and scissors fall into this category.

Because we buy straight from Swarovski, our pricing on their products is excellent. Crystals are sold in the wholesale packs as they come to us from Swarovski. In most cases, a pack has 1,440 crystals in it. The crystals are all the same size, type and color. The price varies depending on what size and what type of crystal. By what type, we mean standard or premium. The zippers are also sold in unopened packs from Swarovski, 12 zippers to the pack. The zippers are all of the exact same size, color and type. As you would expect, pricing depends on what size and type you want. We stock the hot-fix crystals and usually can fill your order immediately. If we are out of stock on a particular color or size, it usually takes about a week for us to fill your order. We may or may not have a complete 12 pack of unopened zippers in stock when you order. Zippers are made in batches at Swarovski, and take anywhere from 10 days to several weeks to get to us. We manufacture the stamps and acrylic blocks so we are able to offer these products at wholesale prices too.

To protect our wholesale customers we require a minimum order of $225 for an initial order. Subsequent orders require a minimum of $100.

You will find that we are easy to work with. We fill orders as soon as possible. For in stock items we usually ship orders received in the morning that same day. Afternoon order usually go out the next day.

Let us know how we can help you!

Bobbi & Randy

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