3037 Buttons

The 3037 button is a square button with a curved surface. The facets are in lines running down the face of the button, giving wonderful reflections. For that extra pizzazz and glamour, look at these buttons.
10 mm buttons, approximately 3/8 "
14 mm buttons approximately 5/8 "

Crystal Button


Clear crystals look like cut diamonds. Add the elegance without the price.
Size 10 mm Price $1.70 QTY


Size 14 mm Price $2.90 QTY

Swarovski Crystal Button

Crystal AB

Light, light and more light. Every collection of Swarovski crystal should include clear. It goes with everything.

Though the picture shows blue, an AB crystal will shine with different colors depending on the light and angle. Expect surprises from this button.

Size 10 mm Price $1.90


Size 14 mm Price $3.85

Swarovski Button

Crystal Satin

Crystal Satin is the ultimate neutral. It has a richer shine than the clear, yet has no color of its own so it looks good on almost anything. This is one of Swarovski's premium colors.

Size 10 mm Price $1.90


Size 14 mm Price $3.85

Jet Button
A rich, deep black, like nighttime with no stars. A perfect match for so many things.

Size 10 mm Price $1.90

Size 14 mm Price $3.85