Crystal Products

We're proud to carry a wide variety of Swarovski crystals and Swarovski crystal products

Hot-Fix Crystals

Crystal Chain

Hot Fix Crystals

Wonderful crystals with a heat activated adhesive. Sold in bags of individual colors

Crystal of the Month

Join our Crystal of the Month Club and get crystals and designs every month.

Magnetic Clasps

Crystal Chain

Shaped Hot-Fix Crystals

The hot-fix crystals come in shapes, teardrops and squares and rectangles

Cosmic Crystals

Spectacular sew-on crystals in two sizes.

Square Rings

What a wonderful addition, a crystal square that threads onto anything.

Hot-Fix Pearls

Pearls to apply in 5 seconds. In a variety of colors.

Crystal Pendant

Add this at the corner of your scarf, or your drawstring. Just a little dazzle.

Hot Fix Crystals With Bezels

Crystal Buttons

We'vecarry a beautiful array of Swarovski Buttons in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

This wonderful gown was made using transfer film and crystals.You too can create stunning garments using this film. More info....

.The What Is It

We're not sure what they're for but they're lots of fun