Applying your crystals is SO easy using your BeJeweler Stone Styler or BeJeweler Pro. As you might guess we have put on huge numbers of crystals and have learned some tricks.

It takes only a few steps:

(1) Choose the BeJeweler tip that is closest to the size of the crystal and screw it into the BeJeweler. You want the tip that is large enough to almost cover the crystal, but not so large that it touches the fabric (or whatever you're applying the crystal to.) If the tip is too large, the crystal will get stuck in the tip. Plug the BeJeweler in and let it preheat. (The BeJeweler takes less than 5 minutes to heat to the correct temperature.) Hint # 1- There is a slot in the BeJeweler tip. If a crystal does get stuck, you can run a pin down the slot to push the crystal out and onto your fabric.
Hint #2- We like to use one size smaller than called for in the tool's direction sheet. This almost eliminates the chance of a crystal getting stuck in the tip.

(2) Using your fingers or a tweezers place the crystal on it's final destination. It doesn't have to be perfect.

(3) Place the pre-heated BeJeweler over the crystal and make your final adjustment. At this point you can move the crystal around a bit. Use the tool to gently move the crystal to the right place before you apply any pressure.

Once the crystal is where you want it, hold the BeJeweler on the crystal for 5 to 10 seconds depending on crystal size.

Larger crystals and shaped crystals will take slightly longer to set.

The above instructions probably make it sound harder than it is. In truth, once you have done a few, it is easy to apply crystals and make your projects look stunning. You might want practice a few time on scrap fabric.

In this example we're placing the crystal on the placement circle which sews out when you sew the Swirley Thing Design from Crystal Treasures.

That's it! the crystal is firmly attached. It can go through the wash (turn your garment inside out so the crystals don't scratch)

Swarovski Crystals for your tool are packaged by indiual crystal colors and by pre-packaged Crystal Kits

We have many wonderful embroidery design sets use crystals to make your projects a thing of beauty.