Try Something New!
Add a little fun or glamour to your project. With our silicone transfer film you can create perfect pictures with your crystals.

This incredible ballroom dancing gown was made by Judy McAlvey of Just for You Creations for one her clients. The crystals were positioned and attached using the silicone film. It saved her many hours and gave excellent results.

See step by step directions below

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Transfer Film Directions


Start with your template. Remember, you're working on the wrong side so if you are using letters, make sure they're reversed like a mirror image like the one above. Pick up your silicone transfer film. Separate it into the two sheets. Keep the clear sticky part and discard the white sheet.
silicone transfer film
Tape your film over your template. Make sure the sticky side is up! Use a good quality masking tape like Scotch. Start placing your crystals on the film with the glue side up. Check again, the adhesive, or flat side of the crystal must be facing up. A tweezers will help you do this.
Keep working until the entire surface is covered with crystals. Lift up the tape and take the transfer film off of the paper. Turn it over and place it on the fabric.
Iron the surface. Use a high setting on the iron. The iron won't hurt the film. Let the surface cool then lift off the film.