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AND - The Instructions for the Hexagon Table Topper

Off the Grid designs on a skirt Table top
Black table runner

The design on the l

The applique diamonds are spectacular. The quilt I've made with these is stunning. There 8 diamond designs, each 6 1/4" by 4 3/4"

skirt cu

This continuous line consists of multiple designs. The designs include alignment marks for easy sewing in a line. The Design set includes a version of the designs where the grid runs vertically. Not all designs are shown.


Pants leg closeup

More Continuous Line Designs. Create a vertical line wrapped in flowers. The set includes 2 versions of these designs. One, 3.8" wide and another 4.3" wide for more robust applications. The length of both is 6.1". Stitch as many times as you wish for a never ending line.

Pants pocket

Add flare to your pockets. The design includes placement lines to make pocket stitching easy.

Table runner design
Table runner clloseup Table runner close up Table runner close up
The applique designs are each 5.7" square. A smaller version of each is included in the set.
Hex start Full table topper  

The hex design shown on the table topper starts out like this Sew it 6 tims to make a complete hexagon.

This design is comes in two versions. The first is 11.4" wide for very big hoops. the second version (which has only one line of flowers) is 7.7" wide for a less massive hexagon.


And once all pieced together it comes out like this.

The instructions for piecing and adding the borders is included in the set.


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