Arlette Peterson

We have new pictures from Arlette. She made a purse for her daughter who has horses. As always, she's shown extreme creativity. She has embroidery and fabric piecing and stamps all in one bag and it looks fantastic!

More pictures of Arlette's work.

The silver boxes with stars is done with stamps - Each star has a crystal in the middle of it.

The little swirls of embroidery are from the Swirleys Embroidery Design Set. They're sewn in metallic thread. They really add to the bag. Of course, the bag is magnificent anyway. Look how beautifully Arlette has sewn in the silver fabric spacing lines. Just perfect!

 Here is Arlette wearing the Plaza Jacket from Sewing Workshop made in a rayon. Arlette, unlike some of us, actually uses the fabric she buys. This piece was purchased while attending the ASG convention in 2003 so it aged less than a year!

The embroidery on the jacket is from Delicate Garden and with a crystal in the center of each flower. Arlette looks absolutely regal wearing this over a print dress..

This is a picture of Arlette wearing a purchased kimono on which she has embroidered flowers from Delicate Garden embellished with crystals. I know that the embroidery and the crystals barely show in this picture but I couldn't resist the opportunity for posting a picture of my beautiful friend, Arlette.




Arlette is one of the most talented and energetic people I know. She has more ideas than anyone and follows through on them. This is one of her creations, a Polar Fleece ruanna using my snowflakes stitched in metallic threads.

One of the most fun things is that she took the shape of the.snowflake and used this to design a reverse applique for the back of the ruanna.

More pictures of Arlette's Work

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