Judy writes:

OK -- this is what I am doing with crystals*.

I picked up several silk (?) flowers from Marshall Fields to put on a jelly purse for the summer. The flowers started at $25 and some of the ones with crystals went up to $40. They were very nice. But let's face it, that is a "big thing" for summer, 2004.

Found a "bush" of flowers at Michael's that looked very much the same (8 blossoms on it)-- on sale half price for $5. Anyway, when I got them home, it was the identical same flower, without crystals, so I cut it off the bush, put a pin backing on it similar to the way ones were done in the RTW, cut a short grograin ribbon with velcro on each end to lap through the pin. I spent about 2 minutes putting several large and several of the smaller crystals on the petals and velcro'ed it onto my purse.

*Interested in learning more about the crystals? Click here

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