Lyn Fedden

Lyn Made this ruana out of a luscious wool. She followed the directions in Quick Gifts Bullard Style.


The embroidery designs are the scallops from the Brilliants designs.

Lyn does such beautiful work. It's an honor that she chooses my designs.


Another use of the Brilliants designs. This time she chose the circle designs.


bag with embroidery designs

I finally got around to making the bag I wanted to do using that crest design with the turtles.  Photo is attached.
I used silk dupioni for the bag and modified a pattern of Stephanie Kimura's (Bamboo Goddess Tote).  I also silk screened some Asian themed stuff in gold and copper metallic paint (used June Colburn's silk screens for that - on the back there is more Japanese script).  I did change the colors from the original embroidery file.  I added a couple of color stops/changes so that both turtles would be the darker teal color.  I used a variety of rayon threads in sort of sea foam type shades.  The crystals are Chrysolite and Erinite - nice pale greens.  I still need to add handles - planning on using bamboo handles, but my purse hardware stash needs to be replenished...

That silk screening was fun!  It was the first time I'd tried it since buying the silk screens back in July.  I'll have to do some more of that!!

Lyn Fedden



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