It's always fun to see our friends at trade shows. At Puyallup we saw so many people we knew we couldn't even keep up. We did manage to get some pictures.

I'm always amazed at the variety of ways people use our designs. Jeanne used Lines & Flowers in panels in this incredible pieced jacket. Look closely at the jacket! Each of those stripes is a separate piece of fabric.

Did you recognize Bobbi in the picture? She's the other one with Jeanne.

When I saw Barbara's top it made me want to find striped fabric so I could make something similar! The designs are from On The Table .


Kacy looks incredible. I saw her last at the Martha Pullen market. It was great to see her again in Washington. (Bobbi's vest uses the Cutting Edge designs.)


This was quite a fun coincidence. First Cindy (our dear friend who works in our booth) came in with a jacket using the Zelda designs. Then Jeanne showed up with a jacket using the same designs. But... oh how different the two jackets are!

Look at the detail on these jackets! Even the sleeves have interest!


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