Quick Gifts 2

Quick Gifts 2 Bullard Style

The original Quick Gifts booklet was so popular that Bobbi has a designed a new  booklet, Quick Gifts 2.   This booklet has 7 projects in it, each easy and fast. 

Make her designer Saucy Scarf. It's new, it's modern, it's unusual and takes less than an hour to make.

Or choose the Casserole A-Go-Go, a convertible casserole carrier. It cinches up into a beautiful carrier. When you arrive lay it flat as a table covering.  Jazz it up with your favorite embellishment for a hit at any party, no matter how well you cook.

The Wee Cone will bring a chuckle at the next baby shower you attend.  It's protective device for use when changing the little boy babies.  Cover you know what with one of these little thingies and you're set to go with no chance of an unwanted shower.

The Wriggle Your Fingers fingerless gloves are practical and easy.  You'll find a million uses for them.  And they're so easy you can use your fleece scraps and whip up a bunch of pairs.

Looking for a really fast, easy-to-make gift?  Consider a checkbook cover.  Your friend will see your beautiful embroidery or embellishment every time she opens her purse.  We have the directions in Check It Out.

Finish off your gift making day with an extraordinarily easy wrap called the Show It Off Topper or a quick to make pad and holder for your tools called the Sew Cozy.

Instructions for 6 Gifts in One Booklet!

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