Quick Gifts 2

Quick Gifts 3 Bullard Style

The original Quick Gifts booklet was so popular that Bobbi has a designed a new  booklet, Quick Gifts 2. And now she even more great ideas, so she created this new Quick Gifts 3 booklet.  This booklet has 6 projects in it, each easy and fast.

Even if you make totebags every day you'll find invaluable tips in these instructions fo the Bigger is Better Tote Bag. Bobbi's method for making a handle will be useful no matter what purse or tote you make.

Or... imagine whipping up a holder for CDs to attach to the visor of your car. This is a great gift for almost anyone.

Other projects include a case for your new small cameras, mittens, a way to add a zipper to an existing tote and a humbug bag.

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Instructions for 6 Gifts in One Booklet! $14