Swirleys & Critters

A Match Made in Heaven

Look what happens when you sew the Crystal Critter Animals in the Middle of the Swirley Frames!
See all the
Swirleys and see all the Crystal Critters.

Don't forget - the Swirleys are great on their own.

The Swirley/Critter combination isn't just for quilt squares. Look how beautiful they look on this purse.

Our Guest beautiful, Jacque Guffey, shows us how to use the Crystals & Swirleys embroidery designs on a denim jacket.

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Can you imagine a quilt where each quilt square has one of these delightful animals, each in its own frame?

The best of fun.





 The animals sewn here are the version that doesn't include crystals - perfect for using on a quilt. Or... sew out a frame and a Critter with crystals for a gorgeous wall hanging, or for the back of a jacket.



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Critters and Swirleys - buy both and save.

Regularly $100 value- you can buy them together for $90

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